Port City Pirates & Ghosts Tour | Interactive Tour

  • Easy drive from Emerald Isle, Pine Knoll Shores, Atlantic Beach, Morehead City, Beaufort, New Bern, & Jacksonville NC

The Port City Pirates & Ghosts Tour is an interactive pirate guided tour inside of an authentic haunted historic building.  The building has such a haunted reputation, that it has been investigated dozens of times by professional paranormal teams, and their findings have been nothing short of spectacular.  Paranormal experiences can and do happen, so be prepared for anything - bring your camera!

This tour is a real hands on entertainment experience that takes place in the Historic Waterfront District of Morehead City.  Our pirate guides actually take you inside one of the area’s most haunted historic buildings.  Their job is to show you what it’s like to be a true pirate.

Everyone in your group gets a real swordfighting lesson

You get to help load & fire a working cannon & of course you will hear some of the area’s creepiest ghost stories.

This tour is perfect for families & groups – interactive and tons of FUN!!

Bring your camera!! It’s very possible that you might capture ghostly images in your pictures. If you do, please send them to us to be featured on this website !

  • See, hear, touch and feel authentic pirate weapons and artifacts
  • Learn to sword fight just like Blackbeard, the most feared blade in the history of piracy
  • Be part of a pirate gun crew and learn to load, aim, prime and fire a cannon

An Experience that you will never forget !!  FUN for Adults & Kids !!

Great after dinner night out for Couples, Families and Groups !!

BRING YOUR CAMERA !! >> Click HERE to see spooky images from the tour

Reservations are Necessary | Call (252) 772-9925



Additional Tour Information

  • The tour lasts approximately 1 hour & 15 minutes
  • Parking is easy and free!

Reservation details

  • Reservations are always necessary. Call or Book Online
  • Operates on a daily schedule approximately during the months of June, July & August


Cancellation Policy

  • If you need to cancel or change your party size, you’ll need to call at least 3 hours before the tour to guarantee that your card will be refunded.  If you don’t call within 3 hours of your tour there will be no refunds available.
  • For all tours with a departure time before 11am, you must cancel by 8pm the night before the tour so that we have a chance to fill your spots.  If you don’t cancel by 8pm the night before the tour there will be no refunds available.

Location & Directions | GPS Address: 168 South 9th Street, Morehead City, NC

  • The Port City Pirates & Ghosts Tour meets at The Webb Building, located at Northeast corner of 9th Street & Evans St. Please form a line at the 9th Street entrance.
  • From Emerald Isle or Atlantic Beach, you will cross the Atlantic Beach Bridge, take a right on Highway 70 East, and then drive about 15 blocks. Countdown the streets on your right until you get to 9th Street – then take a right and the Webb Building is immediately on your right.
  • The GPS Address is: 168 South 9th Street, Morehead City, NC 28557
  • Google StreetView Link:


Parking Details | Free, Easy & All Day Parking

  • Free & Easy parking located on both sides of 9th Street between Highway 70 & Evans St.
  • There is also a parking lot on the West side of 9th Street south of Evans St. (See Map)
  • Google StreetView Link:

These pictures were taken by Haunted North Carolina, a paranormal research group based in Raleigh, NC  –  This picture is a still shot taken from a video camera just as interference was being detected.

This shot was taken just afterwards – You can see that a woman’s shape has entered the view of the camera.  Her face and dark hair can be seen in the middle of the shot.

This photo was taken at the foot of the stairwell linking the first and second floor.

This photo was taken in the same stairwell

This lady emerged from the tour with unexplained fingernail indentations in the back of her hand. 

She said she had no idea how it had happened and that they burned terribly.  Many others have told us of being “touched” or scratched while on the tour.